CBH Computers offers a wide range of products from hardware to software, repairs to upgrades, and high quailty service at low prices.

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CBH Web Design
CBH Web Design offers high quailty web design at low prices. The high quailty is down to the communication with the client.

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  Quantum Security
Quantum Secuirty has over 20 years experience. They are experts in the field of protection. Offering high standards for design, installation and customer service.

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AVNation covers the entire spectrum of TV and home enterainment. AVNation offers cabling, installtion of all digital reception equipment including DAB, Freeview, and Satellite

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CBH Web Hosting - About Us

Welcome to CBH Web Hosting. The company was founded by Christopher Bowden-Hawkins who also formed the CBH Group and helped to build the companies within this network.

The company was started in 2006 offering custom solutions for web hosting to its customers. We soon learned that customers found it hard to to mange their own web hosting. This seemed to be down to the the control pannels and understanding of web hosting.

CBH Web Hosting took this on board and we changed the way in which customer’s mange their hosting. We did this by changing the control panel to become graphical and more user freindly. We also made the links clear with descriptions and many other changes. This now means that anyone who hosts their site with us is able to build and mange their site with no knowledge of UNIX or web products, the only thing that is needed is basic computing skills.

Over the year we have been listening to our customers and what they would like to see changed about our service. We have made changes to the control panel making it easier to use and more user friendly. We also have been asked to make the support service easier which we are currently working on.

We believe that are customers should always know and be kept updated about any issues going on with our servers and all the services that might effect them in any way. Due to this we have added a service status page so that you can see everything that will be going on like upgrades and any known issues will be posted with updates.


CBH Web Hosting is proud to part of the CBH Group of Comapnies.